Sunday, October 6, 2013

Madonna - it's over!

Pierce Morgan is obviously not a fan of Madonna:

Madonna and I, as regular readers of this column will know, have never seen eye to eye. It goes back to when I once wrote a front-page review for The Sun of one of her concerts in the 1990s, which appeared under the headline ‘THE WORST GIG I HAVE EVER WATCHED’.

My opinion of her as a human being falls to an even lower level of appreciation.

Madonna, to me, is the biggest phoney in show-business – a ruthlessly cynical commercial machine prepared to stoop below just about any bar of ludicrous behaviour if it’ll enhance her brand or flog a few more albums.

Hence the endless toy boys, the cloud-cuckoo Kabbalah, the compulsory nudity, the foul-mouthed stage antics, the fake English accent, the grotesquely over-muscled arms, the Sex book, the… oh, you get the point.

But in recent months, she’s excelled herself.

Mother-of-four Madonna, 54, deliberately exposed her breast at a show in Turkey, waved her naked backside at an audience in Italy, was warned by Instagram to stop posting titillating photos of herself, pretended to shoot people with fake guns in Colorado – scene of the Aurora movie massacre last year – and displayed a Nazi swastika on stage in Paris.

Today, she arrived in the South of France sporting a diamond-and-gold tooth grill, cackling dementedly as she clutched the arm of her latest 25-year-old lover, Brahim Zaibat.

A woman old enough to be a grandmother desperately clinging on to her ‘edgy’ youth by trying to stay ‘down with the kids’.

It was the single most toe-curling celebrity image of the millennium so far.
Madonna, for the love of God, STOP. It’s over.

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