Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Rape of Sweden

I'm gettinga lot of emails from Sweden, especially from women who say they no longer feel safe in their own country and that they're afraid to say anything about it
publicly for fear of the consequences.

That doesn't sound like the open and liberal society we all know and admire, but
then when you look at some of the news stories coming out of Sweden it's easy
to understand why they feel this way.

Most recently a three year old child was raped by a third world migrant and the
Swedish Migration Board showed where its priorities lie by protecting the rapist.

They moved him away for his own safety and they try to conceal his crime from the police.

Also recently a Swedish woman was abducted and raped for several hours by a gang of third world men posing as children.

You see, among the nearly 200,000 economic migrants and welfare parasites that Sweden is taking in this year in defiance of all common sense and sanity, about 30,000 are so called unaccompanied children, many of whom are fully grown men.

Third world Muslim men.

And as everyone now knows women are not safe around third world Muslim men of which Sweden already has so many, that it´s now directionality and undisputed the rape capital of Europe.

Statistically one in four Swedish women will be raped in her lifetime thanks to the cultural contribution of third world Muslim men, yet the only time we seem to hear from
Sweden's feminists is when they put on a headscarf in solidarity with the
culture that threatens them to show they're not racist.

Third world Muslim men are not civilized enough to be trusted around women and it doesn't matter how many times you shout the word racist; it won't make them any more civilized.

Your daughter will still have a much higher chance of being raped in the company of

third world Muslim men, its their culture.

How politicians are willfully importing that culture wholesale into Europe is a
direct threat to the safety of women and nowhere is this more evident than in Sweden
where they just can't get enough of third world Muslims even though the country
is now at saturation point and there is literally nowhere to accommodate anymore
and thousands are still pouring in everyday just so that Sweden's insane politicians
can show the world how virtuous they are at their own people's expense.

They know they'll be okay; it won't be their neighborhood that becomes a virtual war zone overnight it won't be their wife or sister who was assaulted on the street or
their daughter that was raped on her way to school... but it will be...

It wouldn't be so easy for Sweden's politicians to destroy their country and betray its
people especially the women, if Sweden's cowardly journalists were prepared to
do their job and hold them to account.

Recently an Afghan immigrant who had previously raped his 11-year-old cousin raped afourteen-year-old Swedish girl.

He was due to be deported after a short prison sentence when he had the bright idea of pretending to convert to Christianity and claiming asylum for his religious beliefs.

Despite showing zero knowledge of Christianity when questioned he was given permanent residency and welfare in Sweden along with the freedom to rape again.

The Swedish media buried this story, if it was up to them nobody ever would have heard about it. Thank goodness the alternative media did their job for them again by
getting hold of the court documents and making them public.

In another case an Iraqi migrant raped a Swedish woman on an overnight train and a local newspaper in the town where he was arrested refused pointblank to cover the

a Swedish journalist is not a real journalist at all, but a miserable mouthpiece of progressive correctness who´s behavior is tantamount to collaborating with the enemy.

Like the politicians they love immigrants so much they can't bear to live anywhere near them, yet when they're not hypocritically preaching the benefits of mass third
world immigration and demonizing people who oppose it, Swedish journalists go
out of their way to conceal the extent of immigrant crime and the true risk to
the Swedish people especially to the women, by routinely lying about the
ethnicity of criminals.

In a notorious yet typical case earlier this year a Swedish woman was gang-raped by
eight African immigrants on a ferry.
The media brazenly described all of them falsely as Swedish as they do falsely
with all immigrant criminals they've even been known to pixelate some pictures
of immigrant criminals and lighten the skin tone to make them appear to be
white swedes and not the darker Arabs or Africans they usually are.

Their excuse is that ethnic identity is irrelevant, but its relevant enough to them that
they want to falsify it.
Of course in reality it couldn't be more relevant.
When it comes to third world Muslim rapist’s ethnic identity is the most
important piece of information because third world Muslim men come from a rape
case you missed it the first time.

In short a Swedish journalist are not only a liar and an imposter but a moral leper and
above all a traitor.
And if you work in the Swedish news media I'm talking about you personally.
You reprehensible cowardly cockroach.

Whenever you helped to conceal the ethnic identity of an immigrant rapist, you helped to rape another Swedish woman or child by knowingly presenting a false picture of
the risk.

You have vital information that could keep her safe that you choose not to give her
because you've got something wrong with your tiny progressive mind.

One day when it happens to your wife or your daughter or son or some other loved one as it certainly will, you have to face up the hard way to the terrible thing that
you and your kind has done and I would not want to be you when that day comes ...or
any other day for that matter.

I probably shouldn't say this, but I going to say anyway.
Now obviously there's nothing funny about rape but if a Swedish news editor
happened to be gang-raped by Muslim immigrants it would be hard not to laugh.
If a Swedish news editor was gang-raped by immigrants in one of those cozy immigrant free neighborhoods of theirs, it would not only be funny it won't be justice.

It would be just as justice has ever been on this earth and if that's what it takes to make these criminals grow a spine and tell the truth then the sooner it happens the better...
for Sweden and for Europe.

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