Friday, October 9, 2009

Ridiculous that Obama won the Nobel Peace Price

The majority of the BBC News readers think it was ridiculous that Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

Here are some of the comments on BBC's homepage:

- This is completely ridiculous. While he has made great strides international diplomacy, he was given the prize only a few weeks after his election. He was probably still busy moving his things into the White House when he got it. So, he was basically awarded the prize because of his "likability." I guess the Nobel Peace Prize doesn't hold much value anymore....

- What a joke.

- Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest symbol of peace and non-violence in the 20-th century, was carefully kept away from the Nobel Peace Prize till he died, despite decades of selfless hard work wearing nothing more than a piece of rag that was hardly large enough to cover his body.

- Obama gets it after just 8 months of jetting around the world and making some 5-star noises.

That says how worthy these 'prizes' are.

- Goodness me. In view of the length of time, the degree of suffering and the sheer bravery of the previous winners of this award, this is a terrible mistake.

- Total nonsense!!!

He has not been in office for a year and so far he has not done anything to earn any award let alone the Nobel Peace Award.

Do they take the prize back when he sends 40000 troops to Afghanistan?

- There are thousands of more worthy candidates out there, actually doing stuff, putting their life and well-being on the line. The trouble is they're not a famous president.

- About as ridiculous as giving one to Tony "Where have all the W.M.D gone" Blair

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