Thursday, November 15, 2012

Er Norge verdens beste land å bo i?

Så mange som hevder det - verdens rikeste og verdens beste land å bo i. Det er Norge.

Norsk-amerikaneren Bruce Bawer ser Norge med litt andre øyner - og han lar resten av den engelskspråkelige verden få kjennskap til forholdene her. For eksempel hvordan det norske helsevesenet fungerer. Her skriver Bawer blant annet om nordmannen som kuttet en bit av en finger uten at han  fikk hjelp mot smertene. Les den groteske historien:

"....No, this isn’t a story from Uzbekistan or some such place. This episode, which took place last week, is just the most recent (and probably the most innocuous) item in my ever-expanding collection of anecdotes about encounters between people close to me and the health-care system in Norway. You know, the country that is constantly being named by the UN and a host of other organizations that presume to quantify such things as the world’s all-around most super-duper and wonderfulest place to live (most recently, just the other day, by Britain’s Legatus Institute); the country whose health-care system Michael Moore chose not to cover in his film Sicko because, he claimed, it was so terrific that nobody would believe it....

....Doctors’ visits are cheap; hospitalization is free. But you get what you pay for. There are excellent doctors in Norway – but there are also mediocrities and outright incompetents who in the U.S. would have been stripped of their licenses long ago. The fact is that while the ubiquity of frivolous malpractice lawsuits in the U.S. has been a disgrace, the inability of Norwegians to sue doctors or hospitals even in the most egregious of circumstances is even more of a disgrace. Physicians who in the U.S. would be dragged into court are, under the Norwegian system, reported to a local board consisting of their own colleagues – who are also, not infrequently, their longtime friends....

.....Then there’s the waiting lists. At the beginning of 2012, over 281,000 patients in Norway, out of a population of five million, were awaiting treatment for some medical problem or other. Bureaucratic absurdities run rampant,...."

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