Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hurra for 'LILYHAMMER'

...It's no mystery why so many Norwegians love this show. Frank does things that many of them would surely love to do, and expresses views that they may well share but that they've probably never articulated, except perhaps over family dinner. After all, when you're anxious about ever-rising crime rates but are at the mercy of public officials (and not a few fellow citizens) who are more worried about offending criminals than protecting victims, what could appeal to you more than a program in which the hero, wearing the uniform of a bleeding-heartnatteraver, no less, beats up a street punk who's hit an old lady and, in reply to the incredulous brat's question – “What kind of night ravens are you?” – growls back: “The kind you don't want to f--k with”? In a country where a large percentage of the people are sick of seeing their tax money thrown at sub-Saharan dictators and perturbed by the rise of Islam in their own backyard, what could be more gratifying than a show whose leading character, appalled by the draft text of a kid's May 17 (Constitution Day) speech, which oozes the usual Norwegian socialist-missionary sentiments about the need to remember Africa's poor, rewrites it into a critique of backward immigrants who come to Norway just to commit street crimes and go on the dole?...


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