Friday, September 6, 2013

Den kommende bølgen av flyktninger til Sverige

Bruce Bawer skriver om galskapen i Sverige, der de har gitt alle flyktninger fra Syria lovnad om permanent opphold i Sverige. Per i dag er det om lag 2 millioner slike flyktninger, og alle vil få lovlig opphold i Sverige? Vanvittig? 

Ja, det er nettopp det folk flest tenker og sier. Men ikke Audun Lysbakken og Jan Egeland. De tar hatten av for Sverige og mener Norge bør gjøre det samme.

...When I read about the new policy, my first thought was that surely there must be somebody in Sweden who’s standing up and shouting: “Stop! Are we all crazy?” So I looked at the editorial pages of a few Swedish newspapers. Nope. The editors of Aftonbladet, for example, complained that Sweden hadn’t gone far enough, and lamented the fact that the rest of Europe wasn’t joining in. Noting that European countries have taken in about 40,000 Syrians, the editors complained that this wasn’t nearly sufficient. “We have built,” they complained, “a ‘Fortress Europe.’”

Yes, “Fortress Europe.” Pause for a moment to take that one in. Over the last couple of generations, Western Europe has welcomed immigrants from the Muslim world on a scale such as the world has never seen. The continent has been transformed in ways that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago. Yet in the view of Aftonbladet‘s editors – and, rest assured, of the Swedish establishment generally – Europe has behaved like a fortress. Summed up in these two words, these twin trochees – “Fortress Europe” – is the very madness of Sweden....