Monday, June 24, 2013

Mischievous disinformation about history

....the museum posted a stern statement on its Facebook page that reads as follows:

We are now closing the page for the day [yes, “closing the page”!], but it will open again tomorrow, Thursday, at 9 A.M. Hold on to your comments until then. If this page is spammed in the meanwhile, or if anyone engages in unfair debates or propaganda, these comments will be removed from the page and those responsible will be reported to Facebook. We want to have an open debate, in which there is room for more people! So weigh your words – and have a peaceful afternoon and evening.

Note, if you will, that blatant Orwellian contradiction between the museum’s claim to welcome “open debate” and its threat to shut down any debate it doesn’t care for. And note, too, the hint of menace in that injunction to “weigh your words.” Here’s a screen capture of this odious posting:

In other words, a major Norwegian museum is threatening to report to Facebook anyone who dares to express concern about (among other things) its eager and unquestioning involvement in the dissemination of shameless Islamic propaganda, its partnership with a firm whose strongest ties are with Islamic dictatorships, and the possibility that it has had unsavory financial dealings with the most repellent of all those dictatorships.