Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is Norway after the terror attack in July 2011

Norwegian Broadcasting, NRK, last night screened a documentary featuring Anderes Behring Breivik’s father and stepfather.....He lives in France. He obviously had no idea what he was doing when he consented to be interviewed by NRK. Is it right for a huge institution to intrude upon a person that obviously is entangled in personal guilt feelings, and expose him to the public at large?....

.....The picture that emerged seemed to corroborate the judicial review’s conclusion that Anders Behring Breivik suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is in juridical terms insane. He will face trial, but may not be condemned to prison, but compulsory ward.

This professional review has elicited an outcry, and large parts of the media, and professionals – psychologists, psychiatrists, commentators of all stripes, seemed to say: this diagnosis will not stand.....

.....What they want is for this whole milieu to be put on the stand. They want the court case to be a political review and judgment of the opinions that in their view have contributed to the deeds, and those opinions are very easy to prove: they are contained in Breivik’s 1500 page manifesto.

Whilst Winston Churchill and John Stuart Mill would go scot-free, it is questionable if a person like Ayaan Hirsi Ali would, and a host of others are already found guilty: Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller, Bruce Bawer, Lars Hedegaard, and certainly Fjordman, alias Peder Jensen Nøstvedt. Simply for dealing with the same topics – multiculturalism and islam – from a critical viewpoint, is enough to fall under the light of aspersion, suspicion, of being morally and politically dubious.....

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Fjordman - comment:

I agree that Geir Lippestad aided by the mass media aims to set up a political show trial, yes. I see no reason why he should get his way, though, or why either of us should have to be there during the trial. It's ridiculous. A mentally disturbed person can be triggered by almost anything, even animal behavior. If they want to look at what contributed to ABB's radicalization they should also subpoena those who have promoted mass immigration for decades, including the political and media elites. If you are to be held responsible, morally or legally, for the actions of an insane person you have never met this could have have extremely large repercussions for freedom of thought and speech.

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